Background Checks

Our agency and Brotherhood Mutual is working with Safe Hiring Solutions to offer our customers comprehensive background screening options at an affordable price.

Background screening is no longer a choice for churches and related ministries. It is a necessity. Protect your ministries by conducting thorough background checks on all of their employees and volunteers.

Screening people before allowing them to work in your ministry is an important investment in your ministry's future. Here are a few reasons why:

  1. Protecting your church from incidents of child sexual assault.
  2. Avoid appointing staff or volunteers who might skim money from church accounts.
  3. Select drivers for church vehicles who have safe driving records.
  4. Screen possible new hires before allowing someone to become a leader in your ministry. Without it, you run the risk of having someone misrepresent his or her background.
  5. If you communicate that your ministry is committed to making itself a safe haven for children, screening could become a tool that attracts volunteers and new members.
  6. It also reduces your liability in court if you should accidentally hire someone who commits a crime, because it demonstrates that your ministry has taken reasonable care to safeguard its members.

Program Overview

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