Perform an Asset Inventory to Save Your Church From Loss

Take inventory of your church's assets now, instead of after a disaster, at which point it will be too late.

If there was a fire that destroyed your sanctuary tomorrow, how would you know exactly how much you would need from your insurance company to cover the damage? Do you even know what would need replacing. The only way to know exactly is to do a complete asset inventory assessment as soon as possible. This way, if something bad were to happen, you know exactly what needs to be replaced and how much it will cost.

Here's how to perform a church asset inventory or property assessment today:

Step 1) Perform an initial "brain dump" of the obvious items

This will cover the glaring assets that are the most costly. Sound systems, furnishings, computers, etc. Write all of these down on a blank sheet of paper. Ideally, you'll have covered at least 50% of your total assets.

Step 2) Download this checklist along with this video to remember the smaller items

Our friends at Brotherhood Mutual created this list to help church leaders consider everything that would need replacing in case of terrible damage - all the way down to pens and paper.

Use the checklist to catalog everything of significant value and include an estimated cost for replacement. You may be surprised by what you uncover. Its important to store this checklist in an off-site location, where it can be readily pulled when needed.

Once you have everything, add up the totals and compare that to your existing insurance policy. Was there something you forgot to consider when you initially bought the policy? Do you need to add coverage? Typically, churches that suffer total losses don’t have high enough limits to replace everything they own. Dealing with that kind of disaster can cause all sorts of problems. Make it easier on your congregation by being proactive today.
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