Social Media for Churches: Benefits and Pitfalls

When used correctly, social media can move a church from merely an afterthought in someone’s busy schedule to a leap of total surrender to his faith.

Social media is the platform where everyone has a say, where anyone can share anything – from important bulletins to trivial gossip.

It is where people get the news and important information about something they feel passionate about.

Social media can also be a source of inspiration.
A church shying away from social media is a religious institution losing a valuable platform to share news, deliver the good word, and socialize with everyone.

Benefits of Social Media for Churches

It empowers a broader reach

Churches have always been practically synonymous with "orthodox" or "old-fashioned." In contradiction, the social media platform is considered the progressive medium of choice of the millennials.

A social media account for a church is a way of bridging the gap between tradition and progress. It’s a way of broadening the reach of the church to inspire and appeal to the generation whose faith is often questioned.

It's practical

Social media is useful, especially when big or urgent announcements are to be made. A church with a Facebook account can easily post an urgent notice, a prayer request, or any request for help by the church itself or any member of the institution. Through the social media post, the church members, and even the entire community, can easily respond and help in any way possible.

Pitfalls of Social Media for Churches

There will be a decrease in privacyThere are church members have always respected and relished their tight-knit community, and social media can pose a threat to this relationship. This platform is for the world to see. Sometimes, a member of the church may require privacy concerning a personal matter that may be breached because of social media. Sensitive information about the church and its members can be at risk if there’s no proper knowledge on how to use this platform.

It can be unforgiving

Social media is unforgiving in the sense that anything – good or bad – that is posted on behalf of the church can be interpreted in several ways by the reader. While their interpretation is their own responsibility, an inappropriate post or comment made using the church’s account can be catastrophic. Worse, it can turn into a legal issue.

Social media is far beyond a mere trend right now. It has become a culture. And when used properly, it’s a platform that can be effective in growing the church and its community.
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